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For The Love Of Horses.

In a time when horses roamed free, their diet included portions of herbs that would have been ingested as part of a normal grazing cycle. If ill, the horse instinctively sought out the herbs which they knew would help them. This "dowsing" ability has been greatly reduced by domestication and now the horse has delegated that responsibility for their health to us! These 100% certified organic herbs are scientific, clinical, practical, energetic and spiritual synchronicity in which now gives us the greatest of natural remedies that can prevent and cure most elements in injuries for our beloved horses!

Countries of origin studies/research: Australia, Africa, Europe, South American and America

Our Story

We’ve love every minute of our journey

Our Mission Statement

“We don’t have to transmogrify and save the Horse World we simply just save and transmogrify the World for that very Horse in front of us!”

Our Vision

To reach and change the lives of 1 Million horses within the next 10 years.

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