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"Mustang Mateo"

 Matt Gibson

Founder & Creator

As one of the first Equine Kinesiology Taping developers and researchers within the US I dove in deep! I have researched and developed alternative medicine with equine surgeons, scientists, veterinarians, trainers, doctors, wranglers, horse whisperers, holistic herbalist, shamanic healers and qigong masters from around the world. From Arizona to Australia, South Texas to South American, Montana to Montego Bay, Jamaica, Colorado to the Caribbean, Mexico to Mongolia, etc., the profound answer always come up the same! As I invite you to “Back 2 the Bush” where when we roam free, learn and grow within trust and faith! Our herd is our spiritual teacher providing us with all the natural, emotional, mental and physical medicine to cure any and all elements on this earth! As this is exactly what the horse gives humanity! Unconditional Love with Strength and Forgiveness to all of those who listen!

Paige McGinnis

Vice President & Co-Creator

Ms. McGinnis is the most prodigious of reason that Back 2 the Bush was created into a business, not just a secret, to reach millions of thousands of horses.

In desperate need of saving her own herd, she simply knew she was done with misdiagnosis from professional, supplements filled with chemicals, and the suffering pain on her and her own horses.

Paige is our first 100% Holistic B2B Athlete of the Year 2018-2019, holding National Titles and State Championships with CMSA. This blissful of Arizona cowgirl’s courage is never ending and has the truest of hearts in saving our beloved equine. Back 2 the Bush was established and will never die because of her.

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