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Equine Taping Practitioner Certification Courses 

Come join the most spectacular Equine Wellness Team in North America! Learn from one of the the very first Certified Equine Taping Practitioner & Instructors in the world. Mustang Mateo has implemented over half a million kinesiology taping applications directly on our beloved equine. We have 23 years of experience researching and using kinesiology tape on humans and horses. Our Team is blessed and thrilled to give you this extraordinary gift for the very horse that stands in front of you with pain.

Come join the team and learn how to turn down the volume of pain and protect our beloved equine, immediately!

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The ETP Level 1 course is created for the Individual with the passion to release immediate pain for our beloved horse through kinesiology taping.

Perfect for our Equine Specialist, Veterinarians, vet-techs, equine massage therapist, equine chiropractors and equine acupuncturist. The equestrian athlete looking to provide protection for the horse or the smart horseman wanting to develop an injury element to their own herd with this extraordinary gift is highly achievable. You will understand and master each of the most information Equine Taping Applications used every day for our beloved horse. 


Level 2 ETP Certification Course is only for the Equine Specialist that has Mastered ETP level 1 and has finished all mandatory case studies from Back 2 the Bush! All Level 2 Practitioners candidates also must continue CEC’s (continuing education credits) by working directly with Mustang Mateo throughout there internship during level one. While learning 11 new advanced applications this course gives you the hidden secrets in developing and mastering this craft of kinesiology taping for horses!


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